For our Resin Bound Stone surfaces we only use UV stable polyurethane resin to bind together the stone and provide a flat surface with a natural stone finish.

The stone and resin are mixed together on site using a special type of forced action mixer. Once the mix is ready it is delivered to the area to be laid using a wheel barrow or similar. The mix is then levelled off much like tarmac would be and finally levelled using a hand trowel.

We use a “Hover Trowel” to achieve the perfect finish. Steel blades are used on some of our darker mixes and special plastic blades on our gold and lighter finishes. The Hover trowel has been bought over from the USA and is an invaluable tool.

This gives a beautiful non slip flat finish, the top can have an extra anti-slip added to it if needed.

One of the most remarkable qualities of this surface is its permeability. It conforms to the “SUDS” regulations and if we carry out a complete construction of the driveway or patio the whole drive becomes fully permeable. A typical construction would consist of 150-200mm of clean hard core tracked in and rolled on top of stable ground. A layer of approx. 100-150mm of type 3 sub base would then be laid and compacted into place. The next layers would be of permeable tarmac ranging from 50mm – 100mm depending on the traffic intending to use the surface. The final layer would be of 18mm of Resin Bound Stone, possible a little deeper if needed and 15mm on footpaths and patios.

All of our Resin Bound Stone work is done using “Resin Bonded Ltd.’s” resin and we are extremely proud to be an approved contractor.

Please visit their website or give them a call for expert advice. We consider them to be the very best in the business.