Resin bonded stone uses a polyurethane resin to bind the stone to a hard surface. It has the appearance of loose stone and is extremely hard wearing. Epoxy resin can also be used if the wear is going to be extreme of the conditions demand it.

Durable, Easy Maintenance and Appearance these are the main reasons why people choose a resin bond driveways .There are a huge range of colours to choose from, natural stone or even a recycled crushed glass can be used.

This surface is non-permeable and does need a really good surface to bond too. New tarmac or concrete must have a 3-4 week curing or oxidisation period before the bonded stone can be laid.

If laid on tarmac the surface is first prepared with an acrylic sealer “Dekorcryl” once this has dried the new resin bonded surface can be applied. If laying on concrete a special primer is laid just before the bonded stone is laid and always on a bone dry surface.

Resin bond is mixed on site using a mixing electric paddle. The mixture is then applied by trowel or squeegee and spread to give an even coat. The stone is then spread or “broadcast” over the resin until it is completely covered. After the resin has cured all the excess stone is removed.

Star Surfacing uses Meon’s “Dekorgrip” resin for all of its resin bonded stone surfaces.